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My Port is out the window

I didn't have a good night's rest as my dream was very uneasy and I remember

crying my eyes out. When I woke up it felt surreal I just broke down and cried

sitting on the edge of my bed. Memories from my journey hit me in that moment

and I couldn't stop crying from the thoughts of what I went through within the last year and

before my fight all first began.

This morning is really rough because today is the day I have my port removed.

Over a year ago before my diagnosis with lymphoma, I had a port

placed on the right side of my chest and it got infected with a staph infection called MRSA. My oncology doctor decided it was best to remove it from my chest.

Two weeks later, I had another surgery to have the second port placed on

the left side of my chest. It's been over a year since that day and now I feel so

blessed to have this day come to have the port removed from me FOREVER. (Tears of


I am really in complete remission and it feels so good. I thank God for my

restored health and my family and friends for being my support system throughout my entire journey. It was a journey filled with highs and lows but I kept fighting that DEVIL and I won my battle.

Oh Lord you heard my cry and you healed me. (Crying)

People just don't know what it feels like to have gone through this if they haven't been through it physically. It can tear you up if you don't trust in God to see you through. I kept my smile and kept an amazing spirit to win my battle.

It hurt me so much. I asked God so many times "Why me?" but quickly I said to myself "Why not me?" We all have our life challenges but we have to have a Dzire2Survive and get through our storms and adversities the best we know how.

I want to help other fighters get through their battle with cancer and other adversities. It is difficulty but with support and HOPE, it is possible to overcome.

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