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Support Cancer Survivors

 Support Cancer Survivors is a clothing apparel and movement whose sole mission is to uplift, inspire and encourage others to bring cancer awareness and Support Cancer Communities.


 Support Cancer Survivors was created as part of Erica Survived LLC which was founded in 2014 by cancer survivor Erica Campbell. Erica was diagnosed with potentially fatal Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma (Blood Cancer) in March 2013 and following her journey with cancer, she is very passionate about inspiring people to have the desire to survive any challenges that they may face in their lives so she wanted to create a safe space for newly diagnosed patients and their families to receive support.


 Erica saw a need to spread awareness about the cancer battle that changed her life. The “Support Cancer Survivors”, brand will not only bring hope and courage to cancer communities across the world but we want to provide financial assistance to newly diagnosed patients and their families too. 

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