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National Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Today marks the first day of National Blood Cancer Awareness Month and September 15th is World Lymphoma Day. On Sept. 15th, I asked that my family and friends wear red to support those touched by the lymphoma disease.

Every 7 minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with lymphoma so it's time to help eradicate this deadly disease by raising awareness in our communities. As a Blood Cancer (Hodgkin Lymphoma) survivor myself, it is very important and dear to my heart to shine a light and to bring awareness to this disease. When I was diagnosed on March 28, 2013, after hearing the words "You have Stage IV Cancer", I didn't think that I would be

here just two short years later sharing my amazing life changing story and working each day to help someone else in need.

Help me make a difference and shine a red light for all individuals touched by blood cancer or that knows someone touched by blood cancer by visiting my fundraiser website and make your donation of $7 or more to help the Lymphoma Research Foundation save another life.


Your donation is greatly appreciated. Please share with friends and family :)

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